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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Babies, Babies Everywhere!

Marylin is hip to the cycle. A nice warm sunny afternoon. The perfect time to stretch out in the straw and give birth to a gorgeous set of twins (buck & doe) under the bright blue sky and a brilliant shining sun. Fortunately, I was on my way out to the main herd to see who was ripe for the maternity ward. Bypass, go straight to nursery. You know, the usual fresh straw, kid-warming barrels, partitions and baby monitor. With the warmer weather, Hershey and her kids stayed in the outdoor maternity ward until now. So across the yard we tromped, babies in hand, mommas in tow.
Tinkerbell's udder told me that she was also extremely ripe and needed to go over to the barn because birth was imminent. She got the luxury suite and was able to birth in the privacy of her own jug. And boy, did she ever deserve it. In less than ten minutes after bedding her down in her own stall, with minimal effort she dropped a set of triplets.
And by the next morning, they were standing and nursing while she continued to clean them. Good mommas are worth their weight in gold.

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  1. Oh goodie, it's Kidfest time at Painted Hand Farm!!