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Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Political Soap Box

For those of you who don't know me that well, I'm a bleeding heart liberal. Yes, I will be voting for Barack Obama on election day. But before you castigate me for my choice, ask yourself this, "Who do you want to lead our country out of it's current quagmire?"
A man who was elected by his peers as the the first black president of the Harvard Law Review, who respects ALL Americans, not just those who fall in step with his beliefs and who believes that AMERICANS should come first, not some oil-rich nation's refugees that have had their infrastructure blown to bits by our invading military.

Second runner up in a small-town beauty pageant who claims to be a K-Mart shopper like the rest of us middle class grunts while she goes on $150,000 shopping sprees at Sak's and Neiman Marcus. Oh yeah, that's right. She did stop at K-Mart to pick up diapers for her developmentally disabled baby whom she is dragging all over the country while campaigning instead of giving him her undivided attention. Stand up and be a parent, Palin. An oil-field worker/commercial fisherman husband and her as governor? Can you say...Zero Supervision for the Palin Children? It's no wonder she's got a teenager who is knocked up already.

And what's this with Joe the Plumber? He's been outed as an unlicensed laborer who doesn't pay his taxes. Seriously folks, would you let a hack like that fix your toilet? Joe the Plumber represents what's WRONG in this country--people who try to get ahead dishonestly.

I sure don't and hope this country will use some common sense when voting on election day.

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