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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Viva la Mount Pleasant Farmers Market

Despite the rain, people turned out in droves on Saturday morning for the Mount Pleasant Farmers Market again. I think one of the reasons they come is to hear all of the incredible music. We're fortunate as our spot is right in front of the bandstand so we have a front row seat to all the events. This week there was a wonderful Mexican folk music group.
They played traditional Vera Cruz folk. Check out what one of the members played. It was the jawbone of an ass and the sound was very unique.
You can here them, too. I only got about seven minutes of this song that went on for about fifteen minutes. A man from the crowd started singing, too.

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