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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Why I'm Nuts

And just what did you do on New Year's Eve?
They say, "The apples don't fall far from the tree." For anyone who has ever questioned my why I am the way I am, now you know.Do a little dance, wear a little hat, get down tonight! (Sung to the tune of the old K.C. & the Sunshine Band disco hit). But before we all got silly, we sat down to a very, very nice New Year's meal. Guess where the meat came from?


  1. Judi in Duncannon, Pa12:53 AM

    I thought I knew those people, but it wasn't until I saw last photo that I realized that, "yep, I do." I was sitting in the very same seat for a Habitat for Humanity dinner/house tour in early December. (which was wonderful) Small world after all. Funny thing is I was just thinking that I really need to call you to ask you some questions. Small world and definitely freaky sometimes. The world, not those crazy people on your post!

  2. Yup, I know these people and I can attest that they are "crazy." More like crazy fun! It is great to see that everyone is still around and getting together to ring in the New Year, golden clothes-fancy hat wearing, dancing and having fun!!