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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Time to Grow!

 Painted Hand Farm 
Liver Bits 
All-Natural Pet Treats 
wants to grow! 
For four years Painted Hand Farm has been making all-natural pet treats out of liver from their harvested livestock as well as from other local family farms and selling Liver Bits throughout the mid-Atlantic regional farmers markets. These tasty tidbits made from 100% liver are GUARANTEED NOT TO BE FROM CHINA. 
What's the big worry about imported pet treats? 
On December 10, 2012, the Food & Drug Administration issued yet another warning against a major brand of pet treats, this time tainted with Salmonella. Pet owners as well as their animals can be made ill from Salmonella bacterial infections.

According to a February 13, 2013 Wall Street Journal article, "Since 2007, the FDA has received 2,674 reports of dog illnesses, including 501 deaths, in cases where a dog was believed to have eaten jerky treats made in China."

Consumers have become so concerned with the safety of their pet products, they have even started their own social media campaigns on Facebook to document pet illnesses and deaths as well as alert consumers to pet product recalls. 

Why grow?
There are several reasons for setting new goals to grow the Liver Bits portion of our business here at Painted Hand Farm.
  1. We're gradually moving beyond a local customer base as customers move out of the area, but still want their Liver Bits. We take great pride in creating quality products. That goes for pet treats as well as people food. Given the increasing reports of poisonous imported and inferior pet treats, there has been a greater demand for our Liver Bits at all our farmers markets. We now offer the ability to order online and ship anywhere in the US.
  2. We're helping fellow local livestock producers.  Farmers continue to approach us about supplying our need for quality liver. Much of our inputs are from your favorite beef, lamb, goat and pork producers at local farmers markets throughout the mid-Atlantic region. When you purchase Painted Hand Farm Liver Bits you are not just supporting a single farm, but many farms. 
  3. We want to create jobs. We're a small business with part-time labor. We do not use "free labor" from volunteers or interns and would like to provide more hours and an honest wage to the people who help produce our products. 
  4. We want to make a significant donation in support of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation's National Training Center fund. This not-for-profit organization founded in 1996 is the only one in the nation dedicated to training FEMA-Certified Search Teams for global deployment when disaster strikes.
             Just a few happy fans who will gladly sit for a sample of Painted Hand Farm's 
Liver Bits All-Natural Pet Treats

How you can help. 
  • ORDER ONLINE Transactions are made through PayPal, but you do not need a PayPal account. You can use any credit card. 
  • Visit us at any of the farmers markets we attend regionally throughout the year. 
  • Recommend us to all your doggy-loving pals by forwarding this blog post, through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
  • Ask for our Liver Bits to be carried by your local independent pet supply stores. We offer wholesale to qualified retail outlets
Sandra Kay Miller, owner of Painted Hand Farm is an ardent dog-lover and former board member of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture and Farmers on the Square. Her books, How To Kiss A Chicken On The Lips and Selling At Farmers Market: A How-To Guide For Getting Started will be published in April 2013 and she is currently working on her next two books, Firearms For Farmers and Feeding Your Inner Caveman: A Guide To Roasting Whole Animals.

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