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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Pasture Walk

Ed Shank talks about his grass-based farm.
Today, I finally went on a Pasture Walk for the Franklin County Graziers. They are a group of farmers dedicated to grazing animals, be it for milk or meat. Today, we went to Ed Shank's farm--the Shankstead EcoFarm, located at 3854 Old Scotland Road in Chambersburg, PA. The Shanks operate a Certified Organic farm and sell legal raw milk along with grass-fed beef, eggs and chickens.
Shanks have a diversified operation that includes a herd of mostly Jerseys cows for their fluid milk.
Along with a healthy flock of sex-link layers for eggs. Nothing beats an egg from a hen who has been scratching up cow patties!
An idyllic view of South Mountain.
The family's Black Laborador cools off in a stock tank. It was hot & humid today.

1 comment:

  1. And I almost pulled off the turnpike to stop by yesterday afternoon. Just wanted to see how your place was going. I learned SO MUCH from the pasture walk at your farm two years ago.

    I am forever thankful.

    Another time...