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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Everyone Get Enough to Eat?

Well, it's official--we survived our 7th annual Labor Day Goat Roast & Picnic, albeit, we're still cleaning up and breaking down while life goes on at the farm. In a way, it's like an early Thanksgiving and a late Fourth of July. This year we managed to go through two goats, a turkey, a ham, twenty pounds of bratwurst, six dozen ears of corn, two gallons of ice cream (cow milk peach & sheep milk blueberry and a gallon of salsa--all produced locally and by many of the guests, as well! We'd also like to thank everyone for all of the amazing wonderful foods they brought along to share. Grandma Buck's Zucchini Banana Pickles were my personal favorite this year.
When it comes to getting the coals going in order to start roasting, Ralph doesn't mess around. As the goat roast continues to grow, so does the number of goats on the spit. This is the first year to roast two goats. For anyone wanting to roast whole animals, I'd highly suggest a Kane BBQ. We're so happy with ours, we now have two. A big thanks to Jamie from Cumberland County 4-H/Big Spring FFA who raised this year's 'guests of honor'.
Guests rolling into Painted Hand Farm in style.

I know you're in Paradise, Jim, but you were here in spirit adding much beauty to the picnic. Maybe someday.....
4-H meets Buy Fresh, Buy Local.
Ralph offers a taste of roasted goat meat to the Shughart family.
Some of our regular customers at the Downtown Carlisle Central Farmers Market.
Judy & Jonas Stoltzfus, of JuJo Acres in Perry County raise the BEST Certified Organic grass-fed Limosine beef.
Mark Toigo, from Toigo Orchards and Melanie Dietrich Cochran of Keswick Creamery, both Dupont Circle Farmers Market veterans, enjoy some downtime after a busy weekend of metropolitan farmers markets.
Mary Toigo (left) supplied the fresh sliced peaches for the cow milk ice cream.
Mary Pat & Rick Henry have been to quite a few of these goat roasts, haven't you? They make awesome fresh salsa with fresh stuff from their gardens.
Even the canine guests had lots of treats today!

The tree people have banded together! Julie (2nd from right) made those awesome pickles.
The Singley family from Bearlin Acres did a phenomenal job at carving the smoked turkey.
The teens keeping the toddler entertained.
This is Dr. Klinedinst, my crack dealer....sorry Eric, you know that's my favorit joke! Seriously, he's a fantastic chiropractor and supporter of local foods. Eric was the original mover & shaker for the Downtown Carlisle Farmers Market and understands the link between the health of ourselves, our communities, our enviornment and the food we eat. Give him a shout if you're in need of re-alignment. I know I'm going to need a fix after this party.
The cornwatchers are my brother, Dave and his friend Steve. They grew up together, worked together, fished together and are now back in college together. Steve has been dating Donna who grew up across the street from the farm. Her parents still live there. All this spread across two counties, not just in the same town. What are the chances..... No one ever goes hungry at the goat roast! Although David & Sheilah from Cedarbrook Farm had to leave early to pick up their son from summer camp, they left another one of those bone-gnawingly scrumptious hams. Last year I caught someone sucking the juice out of the completely stripped bone, just to get one last taste. Their pork is combined with our veal to make the braswursts. Now you know why the links are so delicious.
Although this may look like regular ol' macaroni & cheese, it's made with some of the best artisan cheeses in central Pennsylvania. Yummy!

Babies, babies everywhere!

Hey Mom, I found more of those little fly tents in Target's dollar bins.
"I'm helping to make 'booberry ice beam'" says Madeline after finishing up with her finger painting.

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  1. Looks like so much fun!!! Wish we could have been there to taste and see for ourselves. Thanks for sharing with pictures and a great post.
    grace and peace,