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Painted Hand Farm is a 20 acre Civil War era farm located in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania. We raise meat goats, veal calves, turkeys and organic vegetables using humane and sustainable agricultural practices.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Supporting Locally-Grown Foods

What does it truly mean to support local farmers? Meet the Edenbos. They grow chemical-free vegetables on a plot of land halfway between Mount Holly Springs and Boiling Springs. The are graduates of Dickinson College. They have a CSA and sell at the Carlisle Central Farmers Market. With the explosive growth of farmers markets and the push to 'buy locally', eaters need to go a step further and ASK where and how their foods are produced.

Notice the watermelon on the right. How many farmers in Cumberland County have ripe watermelon? How many miles did that watermelon have to travel? Was it grown without pesticides, herbicides, fungicides and insecticides? Who picked it? Where they paid a living wage? Was it even grown in this country? If you are dedicated to supporting local agriculture, you should be asking these questions and using some common sense about what is in season or is capable of being grown in the northeast region.
You can be assured that the couple in the top image are the same folks who tilled the soil, planted the seeds, nurtured the plants and harvested the product. That's what local agriculture is all about!

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  1. It's too bad there aren't more people like this to buy from. Unfortunately, the term "organic" is being hijacked by industry. Thanks for reminding us what it really means to buy local.